There are always things that staff and students would like to do that can’t be funded out of the standard budget. Crofton is lucky to have been able to update many of its buildings and classrooms over the last couple of years, but other areas of the school could now do with updating.

We have been liaising with the Student Leadership teams to try to identify projects that we can help with. The first project that we’ve identified is to create an Outdoor Classroom in an area behind the library. This could be used by Croft students as a quiet place during break and lunchtime, and also be used during the school day for outdoor lessons.

The Student Leadership team is currently creating plans for this, and identifying what materials and labour they will need. We would love to use this as our special ‘launch project’, and work with students to make this a reality next term.

Rather than organising traditional PTA events, we are hoping to get parents to raise funds in new ways. EasyFundraising will give us a donation every time you purchase something from over 400 online stores (including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, plus many insurance, mobile phone  an utility companies)

Sign up to EasyFundraising here.

Other ideas are mobile phone/printer cartridge recycling bins, supermarket ‘coin’ schemes, sponsorship opportunities, Christmas Raffle and so on.

Take a look at for more ideas, and please get in touch if fundraising’s your thing.