Online Safety Resources

It’s so difficult ensuring our children stay safe online.

To try to help, we’ve gathered some resources to give you the basics…

NSPCC ShareAware has lots of good advice. This includes tips on talking to your child about their online world, videos to watch together, and information on setting up online controls.

NSPCC also have created Net Aware, a site that keeps you up to date with the latest Social Media networks, and other things that are happening online. You can sign up to their newsletter.

NetAware – keep up to date with what’s happening online.

Internet Matters is a charity that has lots of age-related advice for parents. There are lots of guides about different apps, videos giving advice on things like CyberBullying and Online Grooming, and regular articles to keep you up to date.

Internet Matters website

Closer to home, Hampshire County Council has a good page listing lots of Internet Safety Resources.

HCC Online Safety

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